The Art Of Print Making – With Sonali Manavalan

What inspired you to become a textile designer? I’ve got this memory of eyeing my grandmother’s beautiful saris, cutting them up in my head and converting them into dresses or pants, even gowns! I must’ve been 8 years old at the time. If one went through my textbooks from school and college, they’d find more … Continue reading “The Art Of Print Making – With Sonali Manavalan”

Design Is In The Details – Chat With Pooja Jagadeesh

How do you make creativity and productivity complement each other? I come from a school of thought where the process that leads to the design solution is as vital as the solution itself. So while one can be intuitive and creative about this process, there are no shortcuts and one cannot arrive at an effective design solution based on … Continue reading “Design Is In The Details – Chat With Pooja Jagadeesh”

Zero Carbon Textiles

Brass Tacks’ commitment to natural textiles was, truth be told, more a function of our aesthetic rather than a commitment to sustainability. At least it began that way (I have an affinity for natural textiles because of their texture and feel), but since then I’ve developed an interest in sustainability and finding innovative ways to … Continue reading “Zero Carbon Textiles”

Bringing Architectural Sketches To Life – Chat With Anna Cherian

Where and when do you do your best work? Well, I don’t know if I have accomplished my best yet, but I can tell you that I am happiest when I am on-site and getting things done with my team. It is so much better than sitting in front of my computer and wondering if … Continue reading “Bringing Architectural Sketches To Life – Chat With Anna Cherian”

Skinny Jeans, Mithai and Sales Skills – Catch Up With Ranjini Ramachandran

Ranjini is the Director – Client Development (APAC Region), at Unmetric.  How do you start your day to ensure productivity? An early start with my cup of coffee to mentally plan out my day before the hustle bustle begins – That 20 minutes of “Me Time” is crucial to my productivity. You are known to live life … Continue reading “Skinny Jeans, Mithai and Sales Skills – Catch Up With Ranjini Ramachandran”

Celebrating Milestones

We’ve been ready for Bengaluru for a long time. In the last few years we’ve done 10 pop-ups and exhibitions in Bangalore, and we’ve had a great response every time. This store has been in the works for many months, from scouting out places in Indiranagar to working on the renovation design. We’re really pleased … Continue reading “Celebrating Milestones”

The Experimental Line

Part of changing the way we approached design involved having a more structured approach to the number of experimental silhouettes we’d have in each collection. We decided that the bulk of the collection would be true to Brass Tacks’ philosophy in terms of having clean lines, silhouttes that are easy to wear, and timeless fashion … Continue reading “The Experimental Line”

A Modern Take on Banjara Embroidery – Brass Tacks Summer 2016

For a long time we took pride in designing silhouettes that were sans embellishments. I had decided we were all about clean lines, tailoring quality, and great fabrics – all of which build the perfect foundation of a garment – not the frills like embroidery and sequins. To give this a bit of context, one … Continue reading “A Modern Take on Banjara Embroidery – Brass Tacks Summer 2016”

Yoga, Dogs, Customer Delight, and a Clear Conscience

The work we do at Brass Tacks is inspired by our muse: ambitious, passionate, life-loving women who are determined to chart their own paths. But that description could be a little all encompassing, so we’re going to feature women who really inspire us every month. We’re kick starting this series with Ishani Appaya, Founder and … Continue reading “Yoga, Dogs, Customer Delight, and a Clear Conscience”