Fall Winter 2017: Exploring the Kanjeevaram Saree

Brass Tacks turned ten this year, and in honour of the core philosophy we started out with, we decided to go back to our passion: woven textiles. During Brass Tacks’ early years we worked mostly with woven designs rather than prints, and this season we showcase our evolution in design while working with the same … Continue reading “Fall Winter 2017: Exploring the Kanjeevaram Saree”

Our new season favourite: Ballakami

Our design team visited Chitrika’s office in Hyderabad a few months ago to meet the dynamic founder, Switha Grandhi, and see the work that Chitrika produces. While excitedly jumping around their warehouse (bursting with colours and textured fabrics), we spotted this one textile that captivated us. The weaving technique, with an extra weft, is affectionately … Continue reading “Our new season favourite: Ballakami”

Capsule Collection: Itajime (Clamp-dyed Shibori)

We’ve taken our love for all things handmade to collaborate with a shibori textile artist and bring to you six unique styles in luxurious silks. Marked by an element of timeless elegance and the striking patterns created by the clamp shibori, these breezy silhouettes are relaxed and easy to throw on. With a variety of … Continue reading “Capsule Collection: Itajime (Clamp-dyed Shibori)”

Artist, designer, educator and a Silambam practitioner – Aishwarya Manivannan

We’ve been a fan of Aishwarya Manivannan for a long time now. Bringing the art of Silambam in a beautiful handloom saree is an unheard combination, but she got us hooked when she did this. As the founder of MAISHA Studio for Art, Design and Education and an International Silambam Champion, we had so many … Continue reading “Artist, designer, educator and a Silambam practitioner – Aishwarya Manivannan”

Tête-à-tête with designer & maven Rashi Agarwal

  When we met Rashi Agarwal, we met a true maven of food, fashion, beauty, culture and millennial trends! She lives in the quaint town of Pondicherry and runs her own leather accessories brand, Raff. We instantly connected with her design aesthetic and her free spirit. Get to know more about her in our chat with … Continue reading “Tête-à-tête with designer & maven Rashi Agarwal”

With the magnetic Madhavi Rongala from House of Taamara

  We met Madhavi Rongala at Yellow Button in Bangalore which was a popular, whimsical shopping spot in the city. When she co founded House of Taamara, a one-stop-shop for hand-crafted sarees curated from around the country, we were in complete awe of her and her business skills! Find out everything about her, from how … Continue reading “With the magnetic Madhavi Rongala from House of Taamara”

Buncke on Brass Tacks!

We sat with Aarabi Veeraraghavan a.k.a. Buncke, classical dancer, blogger and cake eater (as she calls herself on her Instagram), and asked her numerous questions about her day, her practice, her blog, time management, and what keeps her going. Read on! BT: What’s your typical week day like? How many hours a day do you exercise/train/dance? … Continue reading “Buncke on Brass Tacks!”